CM Oxendale

Company Profile

CM Oxendale Ltd was established in 1987, working prominently in the commercial sector through-out the North of England. The company carry’s out Design and installation of Mechanical Services, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation & associated Electrical works through-out the UK.

CM Oxendale Ltd provide a combined Building Services, delivering a quality product to all sectors of construction including, Housing, Local Authority, Offices, Hospitals, Retail, Leisure and Factories. Re-enforced by accreditation and membership of numerous organisations, and assessment bodies.

With a good working relationship to existing contractors and a number of secured contracts in place C M Oxendale Ltd is now planning further expansion to cover all aspects within the Mechanical and Electrical Services Sector

C M Oxendale Ltd
Is Committed to Provide the Highest Quality of Service
And will Endeavour to Maintain a High Quality, Reliable, Friendly Service.